The Free Workshop That Turns Your Fears Into Power So You Can Be "The Queen Of Confidence"

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

You are stuck in the monotonous structure of life, repeating the same things, tired of not seeing results, dealing with self sabotaging thoughts, anger, resentment, fear and many other mixed emotions. You want more out of life but cannot identify the right pathway to get there. You feel lost. The vision that you thought you had is not in sight anymore. While keeping up with your deadline, you have forgotten why you started in the first place. You are just drifting on an autopilot with no real passion. You doubt yourself every step of the way, feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. You start to question the decisions you’ve taken, every choice you have made. You are finding yourself caught in the conundrum of second-guessing every little thing and constantly seeking validation from others.

You’re smiling, but you are not really feeling happy.

You have ended up procrastinating a lot and you are overthinking.

You are not able to efficiently manage time and you lack the energy and drive.

You’re finding your confidence level and self-esteem going down.

You’re finding it hard to maintain relationships and manage conflicts.

You set goals but rarely see them achieved

When things aren’t going your way, you feel helpless and defeated in this unpredictable world, it is easy for your confidence to shatter, your relationships to suffer and you often feel like a failure because you struggle to meet your goals and ambitions.

Life spirals out of control…

If this sounds like you

then you need to know TWO things.

You are absolutely not alone; there is so much support out there.

It is okay to not be okay; as long as you commit to change the situation.

You'll Be Happy To Know:

That there is an easier way to come out of this cycle of frustration, overwhelm, confusion, exhaustion and pain and live a life that is truly happy, successful and purposeful

There is a step-by-step process for BEING IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, No matter how impossible it seems right now!

There is a proven method for ACHIEVING ALL YOUR GOALS IN LIFE, No matter how difficult and far fetched they seem.

Because becoming an incredibly confident woman and living a life with clarity can be simple and can happen quickly when you have the right strategy

You know you have amazing potential


You know you have so much more to give to yourself and those around you


You know your time and life can be spent in a much more constructive and planned way


All you need is the right system so you can stop trying to figure out what to do.


And finally become the confident lady that you deserve to be, to build a legacy of your life with a strategy for long term sustainability and commitment to a life lived on purpose.


Which is why we decided to share the exact strategies, step-by-step action plan and the tools that will help you to become the woman you have been wishing to be


Crush Your Anxiety, Boost your Confidence and Finally Live on Purpose.

Until Now, your true potential has been hidden and untapped, you’ve been waiting for something to happen or change. You’ve been parking all those dreams and goals for when ‘the time is right’ for you to become the person you are desperate to become…

When you attend this powerful workshop, you’ll learn our simple methods and exact steps you need to take to become a confident woman who has clarity and direction.

You’ll learn to build the right mindset, and radically transform your life and relationships… even if it feels impossible right now…

And the absolutely best part is that this live 5-day workshop is


Hi, I’m

Uzma Naqvi

Your qualified holistic transformational coach.

I have been through years of training – but more importantly – I transformed my own life and now I help others to do the same.

I have come to the very edge of life – I thought there was no way to escape the pain I was living in – I attempted to take my life multiple times, I was deserted by the very people who should have loved me the most, protected me and taken care of me and my children, I survived many near death experiences and even attack that nearly cost me mine and my childrens lives, and yet I overcame it all…

And that’s how I know you can do this too – and I am here to help you do it!

I speak as a woman who’s journey led her to take a deep dive inwards to discover what was already there and hence the decision to become an author in the making, more than any other credential, I bring cutting edge coaching trainings and certificates but more importantly my journey of highs and lows, the fear and the overcoming, the utter helplessness and the liberation, the chaos and the calmness, the heart-breaks and the self healing process… each step has been one of freedom to contribute to the world, and serve something way bigger than myself – to help those who believe they simply don’t have the ability to change and transform – mentally, emotionally or physically, women who know there is something amazing waiting for them but don’t know where and how to even begin.

It is my mission, purpose and duty to serve you and help you discover the same light, the keys to pull yourself up from rock bottom too.

In this FREE 5-Day Live Workshop,

You'll Learn To:

leadership (1)

Day #01

Why Do you Lack Confidence?

Get rid of your anxiety, stress, overthinking and overwhelm so you can take charge, speak with assertiveness, become self-assured, and drop the habit of seeking validation for every decision you need to make for your own life.
heart (1)

Day #02

Emotional Intelligence

Build the ability to understand, use and manage your emotions to your advantage. Managing emotions hugely relieves stresses, helps with communicating effectively and empathise with other.

heart (2) (1)

Day #03

Art of Forgiveness

Consciously and deliberately make a decision to release the feelings of resentment, anger and vengeance to bring yourself to peace, harmony and love to you can get on with life.
attraction (1)

Day #04

The Law of Attraction and Islam

Simply put, the law of attraction states that you attract in life whatever you focus on the most but I will be going deeper on this and explain how we attract what we live. Learn what the law of attraction is and how it effects you in your everyday life.

love (1)

Day #05

Restoring Self Love

For many of us, this sounds like a luxury rather than necessity. This word is overused but rarely truly practiced, so what actually is self-love, and how is it practiced?



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