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Yes, if you follow the guidance given and take the action steps provided within the program, open yourself fully to your coaching and dedicate enough time and effort, you will get great results from coaching.

I use many effective ways to coach you towards that. In every session, you will learn a different technique. As your toolkit grows, you will be able to consciously use them for any area or scenario in your life even after the program ends.
Having an extraordinary track record of all previous clients, I am confident that this program will transform your life and the way you operate in life Insha’Allah.
It is important to understand you need to be autonomous to achieve the results that you want. The responsibility of creating your results remains on your own but you will be provided with all the tools, accountability, and self-work material. Coaching works to make the client more self-reliant, taking responsibility is the cornerstone of true transformation.

I will answer this halfway, you have to answer it the rest of the way.
What do I mean by this?
The framework works and it’s worked for all my clients.

It doesn’t matter which part of your life you feel like you are struggling with, it works because we deal with the foundational and fundamental aspect of YOU which affects your whole being. Together, we will deal with every part of you, inside and out; mind, body, heart and spirit.

“Practice what you preach.”
I used this framework to transform the lives of my amazing clients and I am a testament to this coaching program working.

I will hold your hand and give you all the support you need to put this into action.

If you have questions or just need some more information, book a call with me.

Take me to the Coach

The only thing you need to do is “the work”. This is why we say that you must answer this part for yourself.

If you show up committed, coachable, & hungry for change then you will absolutely get results, 110%. I have zero doubt about this.

Why coaching? Every successful person, athlete, actor, singer, personal transformations, health & fitness transformations and many more have happened due to the support network they had around them. The fact of the matter is that a lot of us often don’t have the support circle we need to grow. Sometimes, those who are around us do not have the expertise to support our growth in the way we need. We must create that circle for ourselves.
Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries and there are no signs of it stopping. It is a forward-looking activity which looks at where you are in life and where you want to reach. Coaching provides practical solutions to move forward and get unstuck in life. It helps you to not only paint the picture of what you want your life to look like but helps you to experience the transformation which creates a life worth living, where you are not merely surviving but thriving.
Coaching helps you create the vision & gives practical steps into how to make that a reality in your life. It is a place where you are finally seen, heard, & to let your guards down. This helps you to be vulnerable and be completely truthful about who you are. This makes you become the best version of yourself. Without this checkpoint, it is so easy to lose the authenticity of who you were created to be in this life.

I have worked in the coaching industry for years and have met many coaches. I believe they are all doing an amazing job that is absolutely helping and changing lives to some extent too, however, my program differentiates as it is holistic.

This will be incorporated in every area of your life. It is the only program that helps you to get to know yourself at this depth and the most important point is that it deals with not only the power of the mind, but also the purification of the heart which aligns with the mind. This is just the first two modules, once this foundation is set, we then start to redesign the new version of you and build upon this new solid ground. This is where the rest of your life is built upon.

I didn’t start by coaching a different topic (like health or marriage coaching) and see what suits me best… for me, it was different, I took a career break from my day job many years ago, it was a stable career that I had been working in for over 2 decades. I was broken myself and needed deep healing. After decades of heartache, I had to do years of rigorous research and invest heavily in many different coaches to put the bits together. You don’t have to go through years of perpetual pain, you can simply take this blueprint and transform every area of your life using a framework that cannot fail you. You will feel the transformation in a very short space of time.

I got into this with an experience of self-healing through this very program and since officially creating this program, transforming and coaching women into a life that is deeply connected, fulfilling and happy but most importantly, they have a bold vision and a purpose they are pursuing in life and ultimately connecting without creator.

My course, The Universe Within You, helps you experience in real time to support you as you grow and transform.
You get me holding your hand as you move up your levels of consciousness to becoming a woman living her purpose with a bold vision.

Change for the life you want, not the life you have. If you are serious about healing, leaving a legacy of your life – living a truly extraordinary life that gives you the freedom and quality of life you dream of, then you need to change your life for that now. I have my process nailed down to a science, in a step by step and coherent way so that you can bring on your transformation in a very safe and supported environment. But most importantly, we teach you how to effectively transform for the long-term, and how to continue the progress even after the program ends. And that means that your change will not stop after the program ends, it will continue on throughout the journey of your life. Not only because you have been taught the strategies you need to make change stick but also because you have a lifetime access to this program and can tap into it anytime you need. Instead of using trial and error and focusing on separate parts of your life, you get to have it all figured out. I have a system and process to ensure you can do it confidently.

Absolutely! Uzma Naqvi Life Coaching LTD guarantees never to use your details elsewhere or for any other reason. Throughout and at the end of the program, you will be asked to provide feedback in video and in writing, you will be given the option to be in the video as yourself or you can remain anonymous for the feedback.

Currently there is no other program on the market, specifically for Muslim women (or otherwise) that is so holistic. Usually, coaching programs are concentrated in one or two areas of life, whereas this program is uniquely covering every significant area of your life.
You are assigned an accountability partner to help and support your transformation.
You have a mastermind session every week to bring the concepts you learn in class to life.
You have a companion workbook.
You do not derive your goals just using the 5% of your conscious mind. It incorporates you fully, not just the mind but your heart, body and spirit.
It is gradual and not rushed.
It is systematically layered and progresses to support the expansion of your consciousness.
So many more attributes which make this program a very unique one.

  • One 120-minute group Coaching Call
  • An open Q&A Session at the end of each module
  • 24/7 Access to all call recordings, trainings, and additional resources
  • Full access to The Universe Within You Private Facebook Group during the enrolment period