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The Universe Within You is a very unique, yearlong  Holistic Transformational program which gives step-by-step and a systematic approach to healing and rebuilding your life, designed to walk you through a complete transformation in every area of your life and give you a crystal clear vision in each of these spheres of life. 

The Universe Within You Live Coaching

The Uzma Naqvi Life Coaching LTD Course includes the following feature:

  • One 120-minute group Coaching Call and Q & A session per week for three weeks a month the duration of the program, any breaks which will be announced in advance (3 sessions on, 1 session off for implementation week)
  • An open Q&A Session at the end of each module
  • 24/7 Access to all call recordings, trainings, and additional resources
  • Full access to The Universe Within You Private Facebook Group during the 11 month enrollment period
  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind sessions with your group to consolidate your learning and discuss perspectives (not including your coach)
  • An accountability partner to work with throughout the program
  • Voxer access to your coach only if and when needed for any private questions that cannot be discussed within the group setting

The Universe Within You Online

This is the signature Holistic Transformational Program “The Universe Within You” and is dedicated to purpose-seeking Muslimah’s who are absolutely sure there is more to life than what they have been dedicated to so far.

The Program is divided in 4 main parts; Your Mind, Your Inner-Self, Your Outer World and Your Ultimate Purpose in Life.

Delivered over the course of a year, in a step-by-step, systematic and a structured approach. Designed to guide you through a complete transformation in every area of your life and gives you a crystal-clear vision, direction, spirituality and purpose in life

What makes this program so unique is that it is:

  • Holistic
  • Deeply heals with every aspect of you, not just your mind (which is what is usually offered in other coaching methodologies), but heart, spirit, physical and emotional aspects of you.
  • Clear vision for every area in life. No goals are decided just using the 5% conscious mind, rather you are taken on a journey within to seek your deepest inner desires. This ensures all goals are truly aligning with you uniquely and not someone else’s idea of what you should be doing in life. 
  • Aligns the head and heart through deeply spiritual practices with scientifically proven studies and Quranic verses.
  • Heals the core rather than giving superficial strategies to cover up the pain and suffering.
  • Deals with every aspect of your outer life after building a strong foundation of knowing yourself in the most profound way.
  • Aligns you with your purpose in life.

Click the Learn More button below to read more. There is information about why and how the healing takes place on the Home Page of the website. 

Total Transformation Self-Coaching Program

This is a self paced program designed to be comprehensive to help you get maximum results in the shortest time frame possible. Packed with tools and strategies to get you unstuck.

Here’s what each module covers. Module One: The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop 

Module Two: The Cornerstone Of Lasting Change

Module Three: Making Sense of Your Behavior

Module Four: How The Mind Works

 Module Five: The Driving Force Behind All Behavior

Module Six: The Secret To Living An Authentic Life

Module Seven: How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Module Eight: How To Cope With Negative Emotions

Module Nine: Transform Your Thinking To Transform Your Life

Module Ten: Emotional Freedom Technique

Module Eleven: Successful Communication

Module Twelve: The Life Transforming Power Of Forgiveness.

Rapid Results Life Coach Training & Certification

This program is designed to help you become The Best & Highest Version of yourself and trains you on how to set up a coaching practice of your own.

You will learn and master all the techniques on yourself first, effectively transforming your life inside and out, BEFORE you begin coaching your clients.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),

Positive Psychology,

Nero-Associative Conditioning,

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

Behavior Modification

Many other proven personal growth and development techniques all combine to create one super-effective and powerful program designed with only one purpose in mind; to produce rapid and lasting transformation, in both yourself and your coaching clients.

One of the most outstanding features is the done-for-you coaching program (with step-by-step instructions & word-for-word scripts). This program has been proven to create rapid and lasting change in both yourself and your coaching clients. You will learn the latest and most cost-effective ways to promote yourself and your coaching services both online and offline.

The training will teach you everything you need to know in order to get your coaching business up and running and get your first coaching clients.


This coaching workshop is designed to take you through a coherent and a deeper way of understanding the causes of depression and helps you in taking the first steps to start shifting your mind.

Please Note: It does not deal with any medical advice but rather a very practical way of moving forward. 


This powerful workshop delivered on the topic of forgiveness is designed to get you started on the healing the wounds that keep you stuck in anger, resentment and rage. You will learn that forgiving someone is not at all about the person you are forgiving but rather a healing journey for yourself.

A very practical guide into understanding what forgiveness is not, what forgiveness is and how to genuinely and authentically forgive.

5 Days FREE Queen of Confidence Workshop

FREE 5 Day Workshop “The Queen of Confidence” that promises to be hugely transformational, starting 23rd May 2022 (future workshop dates to be confirmed). 

During the 5-day training, we will discuss the following topics:

Day 1: Why we lack confidence

Day 2: Emotional Intelligence 

Day 3: The Art of Forgiveness

Day 4: Law of Attraction and Islam

Day 5: Restoring Self Love

Plus, there is a chance to win a scholarship to my 12 month program worth £7500 to literally transform every aspect of your life inside out, all you have to do to win is attend the 5 day workshop.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a topic widely discussed in the self help industry, with so many concepts about manifestation and attracting whatever we want in our lives, it is hard to understand whether this concept is acceptable within Islam or not. In this workshop, Uzma discusses her take on what this phenomenon is and how to use it to our advantage.

Align Yourself with your Inner Compass!

A year long personalized program with a step by step framework, which will systematically help you redesign every aspect of your life. Please scroll down to read more about my signature program The Universe Within You.