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Meet your holistic transformational life coach.

Salaam, I’m Uzma Naqvi, your new coach and mentor. I’ve created a life of purpose where I try to make every day better than the last Alhamdulillah. With Allah’s Grace, I am humbled to say I have a successful business and am a sought after mentor and speaker. But I really wasn’t always like this…

Life Coach

Uzma Naqvi

Some of my credentials but more than any of these, it is my life’s journey that makes my coaching methods so unique, read below for more … 

  • Qualified Holistic Transformational Life Coach
  • Mindvalley Certified Life Coach and Business Coach & Business Consultant
  • Accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • International Best Selling Author
  • Sought-after Public Speaker
  • Ho'oponopono Certified
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Thought Field Therapy (Tapping Therapy)
  • Founder of a Global Non-Profit Organization, Club 313, Dedicated to Youth Empowerment
  • Numerous other trainings and coaching; a passionate learner for life

In fact,

I spent the better part of my life in pain and struggle I thought I’d never escape from. After multiple suicide attempts, being deserted time and time again by the people closest to me – the ones I should have been able to trust, and surviving an attack that nearly took the lives of myself and my children… I wondered if the pain would ever end.

Then one day,

in my darkest hour, I stumbled across a quote that changed my life and the perspective I was using to see it with forever. It was a quote I have read many times before, but never did it stop me in my track to deeply reflect about my entire existence. 

Your sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it and your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. You presume you are a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire Universe. You are indeed the evident book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes manifest. Therefore you have no need to look beyond yourself. What you seek is within you, if only you reflect.” – Ali ibn Talib (a.s)

I certainly knew there was a sickness inside me but the remedy is also inside me? This quote is attributed to a man a sincerely revere; it made me question everything. I wanted to know more. This is where the quest to self actualisation began and SubhanAllah, I have never looked back since.

I was no longer willing to be a victim of my circumstances. I took it upon myself to create my own path – to deep dive inward to discover the power that lives inside of me. I found an entire universe inside me. It wasn’t easy, it’s been a journey of highs and lows, from helplessness to liberation, from chaos to calm, and heartbreaks to self-healing.

And once,

I discovered the power within me, I knew I had to share what I’d learned with others. I have spent years intensly studying the words of philosophers and pursuing personal development, attended trainings, been certified in various methodologies for healing and bring this all into the work I do to help my fellow Muslim women to change and transform – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, to help them discover their own power; The Universe that lies within them so they can become the person Allah sent them on earth to be.

Looking forward,

I am humbled and grateful to fulfil my passion, mission and purpose and look forward to serving you and guiding you to discover the same light and power within you to create the life you desire and absolutely deserve for yourself, no matter how far or unattainable it may feel right now. 

Here is an extract from my book which I hope to release soon, if you get your hands on a copy, I hope it fills you with hope and a determination to step into your healing process…

My mum, and I’m sure she’s not the only one, struggled to understand why I wanted to write this book. Why I wanted to share it, warts, and all, and how on earth I can possibly love my past, as I do. It brought so much pain to so many, and specifically to me. But how can I regret any of it? If even one single piece of the story had been different, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I may not have the life I currently enjoy, and it’s a life worth having, I can tell you that. And this book isn’t just about me. I want to start wider conversations – about the way in which we raise our sons and daughters, about the often-impossible standards we place on women and men in different ways, about forced marriage, coercion, abuse, about a world in which women are so frequently the butt of all jokes, the ones to blame whenever anything goes wrong. Learn from this story, these individual experiences, and see how you could change the course of your life. This, I realise – thinking back to my rain-drenched prayers outside the Kaaba – is why I was brought into the world.

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