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The Transformation Within

A Book Co-Authored by Uzma Naqvi

I don’t know if you heard but …

I’ve written a book

I was recently involved in writing in a multi author book, which was an amazing project to be involved in. 

Al-ḥāmdu lillāh I wrote a chapter, among 18 other authors/ coaches. My chapter is entitled “The Journey to The Universe Within Me” – To be honest, it was a hard decision because it’s showing my vulnerability and talking about some of my hardships and how I took the steps to change the situation. But I felt inspired in the hope of giving hope to others who might be stuck in their lives In’shāh’Allāh. 

The book has been launched on 16th November 2022. In’shāh’Allāh and I would love support from my own  community. 

It’s for a charity called ElimuGirls, who are doing some amazing work to help young girls become entrepreneurs, 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity. 

I hope you will join me in supporting this cause and getting a copy of the book from your Amazon accounts. 

International Best Seller

in 3 Countries on Amazon

The Transformation Within Co-Authored by Uzma Naqvi on Amazon is featured as Best Seller in 7 categories in Australia, Best Seller in 8 categories in America.

Social Science & Psychology Biographies

Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Biographies & Memoirs of Philosophers

Reference & Collections

Organisational Behaviour

Consciousness & Thought

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Development & Growth Economics

Personal Transformation & Spirituality

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