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The Universe Within You


Understanding Your Mind

We begin the journey by understanding the power of the human mind, identifying, and rooting out your limiting beliefs and decluttering the mind. We dive into the subconscious aspects of you that hinders every part of your life and learn practical strategies to calm the chaos and be rid of the outdated subconscious programs that no longer serve you and install new beliefs which support the new version of yourself. We learn the importance of fulfilling our needs in a constructive and connected way and we understand how the law of attraction works within the context of Islam. We create new healthy habits, create a structure, routine, and a positive mindset in preparation for the deeper work ahead.


The Inner bonding..

We begin the process by getting clarity on how intelligently we are living as a being in this world, then we connect to our intuition to start hearing our own inner truth. Then we take a deep dive into our healing journey through emotions, our inner child, our past traumas, and wounds we carry and making sense of depression and why you go through the suffering and pain in the first place. Understanding the depth in yourself, understanding your abandonment, seeing your fragmentation, and then integrating those abandoned parts of yourself, becoming whole, taking responsibility for yourself, understanding the role of your soul/spirit. Mastering the art of true forgiveness and letting go by healing the core. In this module we cover many deep topics but most importantly you get to know yourself in a way that you’ve never known yourself before and then we end this module by connecting this new whole, connected and healed version of yourself to your Lord by understanding spirituality in the most practical sense and creating a sanctuary in our hearts for our Creator.


The Outer World

We develop precise goals by going into your intuition through deeply relaxing visualisations to know what your own goals are rather than what you might have been conditioned to believe. We start this module by looking into physical healing through energy and understanding how past traumas and unprocessed emotions cause physical ailments and how to move forward from those. We then work on all the different relationships in our life starting with marriage which is covered in three segments: pre marriage, married life, and post-divorce, how to re-build your life and truly move on in a powerful way. Then we move on to parenting which is also split in three parts: ages 0-7, 7-14 and 14-21. After parenting we work on social circle and look closely at every other relation in our lives and do a full audit of who is there and why. After relationships, we move onto career, this is a powerful segment where you are taught how to find your passion and align that with the purpose of life. We then work on money mindset so we can live abundantly.


The Vision & Your Purpose

In module 4, you learn to follow the joy of the heart using your inner compass (but not in a superficial way), you learn how utterly incredible and powerful you are as a being, how very precious and unique your soul is, how guided you are designed to be, how super intelligent your mind and heart are, how wise your body is and how deeply imbedded your spirit is to your inner and outer self. You cannot access your higher self and the greatness within you without this deep dive in. You learn how to powerfully bring quality into your life and connect everything you have learned over the year with the truest vision and purpose of your life.
This is how you practically make sense of the sickness inside you and that the remedy is also within you… this is how we realise The Universe Within YOU. I am excited for you to embark on this sacred journey with me.

Align Yourself with your Inner Compass!

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